About NG

For the first time ever, the Nordic countries now have their very own gliding magazine - NORDIC GLIDING & AVIATION MAGAZINE.

The gliding associations in Denmark, Sweden and Norway have joined forces to publish a professionally made aviation magazine
portraying the fascinating world of gliding and energy efficient flight and showcasing exiting new technologies and products.

The magazine will not only be limited to gliding and engineless flight. Surveys have shown that the majority of glider pilot are also
interested in the latest trends in powered flying.

NORDIC GLIDING & AVIATION MAGAZINE sports a one hundred percent readership among the gliding community in the Nordic countries, making it an essential communication and advertising platform for reaching the target audience among the pilot community.
The total readership also guarantees a sense of Nordic fellowship among the glider pilots. 

NORDIC GLIDING & AVIATION MAGAZINE focuses on club life, gliding events and the colorful persona who impact the sport.
The magazine aims to inspire both the potential 
pilot, the newcomer and the expert pilot with well written articles and tests.